Carrie Flower Emotional Kit

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Carrie Flower Emotional Kit

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The Carrie Flower Social and Emotional Program helps children and families build self-control, healthy lifestyles, emotional understanding, high self-esteem, resilience, and interpersonal problem solving skills, critical in helping children achieve positive social and emotional development.  The Carrie Flower Emotional Kit is a great way to introduce Carrie Flower and slowly implement the lessons.

Included in the Carrie Flower Emotional Kit:

  • 4 Reader Guides

  • I Teacher Manual

  • Promise Mat

  • Feeling Cards

  • Healthy Garden Wall

  • Emotion cards

  • Bend Never Break Poster

Our Carrie Flower Program aligns 100% to the Pennsylvania Early Learning Social & Emotional Standards.  The program is designed for children in grades pre-k to 3rd grade.  

Carrie Flower encourages us to see ourselves as flowers in a garden,  We are all unique and special, with different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Together we make a beautiful bouquet!  We look forward to starting a wonderful garden with your school!

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