RichSoil Alliance Partners with Local Education Agencies

RichSoil Alliance, through partnerships with the Pittston Area School District, Luzerne County Head Start, and ABC Kiddie Kampus (a four star early learning program), has been successful in securing a Early Childhood Education Community Innovation Zone Grant through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.   

By combining the expertise of each partner, the project will result in the design of a seamless delivery model for children from birth to grade three in an effort to close the achievement gap and prepare children for success in school and in life.  The project targets and collects data related to social, emotional and literacy skills using best practices, by implementing a broad-based outreach program to better identify families who require family support and assistance through comprehensive goal setting.

All partners have incorporated the Carrie Flower Curriculum, which uses an interactive approach focusing on respect, compassion, and self-reliance.  The project encourages and validates participation in decision making related to their children's education, physical and mental health, including screenings and corrections for vision, hearing, and other health-related issues.  Embedding the Carrie Flower Curriculum has been effective in transforming behaviors, building self-esteem and enhancing emotional development. 

In addition, the project will result in the development of a comprehensive coordinated curriculum for parents, teachers, and service providers that targets social and emotional learning (SEL), and literacy needs for children from birth to third grade. Our partners will establish a developmental scope and sequence to meet the needs of all students at their specific developmental levels. Continuous progress monitoring has been embedded to gather data to assist in meeting the needs of all students and their families. Most importantly the documents developed will be posted and made accessible to all schools and community service provides as a model, which can be easily replicated.