The Carrie Flower Social and Emotional Program


Is teaching children resilience, empathy, conflict resolution, and decision making important?


We at Carrie Flower think so!  Carrie Flower helps children and families build self-control, healthy lifestyles, emotional understanding, high self-esteem, resilience, and interpersonal problem solving skills, critical in helping children achieve positive social and emotional development.  Our Carrie Flower Curriculum aligns 100% to the Pennsylvania Early Learning Social & Emotional Standards.  The Curriculum is designed for children in grades pre kindergarten to second grade. 

The Carrie Flower Garden Kit provides all of the manuals, guides and supplementary materials to implement the Carrie Flower Curriculum into your classroom.

The Carrie Flower Garden Kit includes the following items:

  • Teacher’s Manual

  • (4) Reader’s Guides

  • Carrie Flower Doll

  • (8) Hand Puppets

  • Promise Mat

  • Promise Mat Invitations

  • Bend Never Break Poster

  • Emotion Cards

  • Garden Wall Poster

Carrie Flower encourages us to see ourselves as flowers in a garden,  We are all unique and special, with different shapes, sizes, and colors.  Together we make a beautiful bouquet!  We look forward to starting a wonderful garden with your school!