Family camp

We spent the weekend camping at Vail Lake campgrounds with the YMCA adventure guides. Mason and Tommy have been attending their father son campouts at various locations for the past 3 years. It is an amazing program and such a great way to strengthen their bond. I love when they come back and share stories from their trip.
I was especially excited to go to this campout with them to experience some of the fun myself. Well, I do have to admit that I was mostly excited, but also very nervous to campout with an almost one year old in a tent for the weekend. I was kind of expecting the worst with that little Addie girl. 
We arrived on Friday had a great dinner, bonfire, and drinks with the tribe. I put Addison down early. The big kids stayed up super late running around with glow sticks and chasing their friends. It was adorable to see them all wound up and excited to be there. Around midnight the bird woke up freezing. Even though it was high 80s during the day, it went down to 35 overnight! We were not prepared for that so we were pretty cold. Even though we had very little sleep that night, it didn't stop us from having loads of fun on Saturday. We played lazer tag, swam at the pool, had tons of yummy food, a very entertaining nation fire, and ended the night with s'mores, drinks, and card games by the fire. I forgot to mention that the whole weekend was 70s themed so we got to have some fun dressing up in our daisy dukes!
What great memories that we made this weekend. The best part was spending the weekend unplugged from phones, tv, and the computer. Feels so refreshing to be present in the moment.