Tackle your fears

Elizabeth had her first soccer game last weekend.  She was excited to get dressed up in big brother's hand me down soccer shorts and cleats. As we got ready to walk out the door though, a fear set over her face.  She shared with me that she was really nervous to play soccer against all the other kids.  She was scared to be out there in front of all of the parents who would be watching. I assured her that it was ok to feel nervous but she didn't have to.  She was going to have so much fun running on the field, kicking the ball, and playing with her buddies.  I also told her that she would feel so proud of herself when she was finished.
When we got there she eagerly ran onto the field, greeted her coach, and put on her uniform.  The fear seemed to disappear and she relaxed.  I looked on with delight as she aggressively went for the ball.  As she was running off of the field during a break, she yelled over to me and said, "Hey mommy, you were right, this is fun!  I'm so proud of myself for playing!"
I couldn't feel more joy toward her at that very moment.  My little girl tackled her fears head on and succeeded.