Happy birthday to our boy

My boy. The one who made me a mommy before I was ready 8 short years ago. You have taught us so much in your time on earth and you have changed us down to the core. You will always challenge us, make us grow, and set the path for our parenting ways. Your sisters have you as a the greatest example of a the kind heart that a boy should have. Your imagination is so incredible and it fills me with such joy to see you still dress up and give as much effort into every different "role" or job that you take on. Your ability to read at such a young age has helped your brain to grow to imagine and question so many things in our world. Mason means to build or strength with stone. Little did we know that when we named you how much that would apply perfectly to your role in our family.  You are the foundation of it all. You started this bond and we couldn't be more proud as we watch you grow. Love you to the moon and back moodle