Reflecting back over 2014

I sit here on this beautiful day reflecting over this past exciting and emotional year... And my time as a mother.
We were blessed to welcome into our lives a beautiful baby girl on May 4, 2014. We had a bit of a ride through the pregnancy. Both mason and Ellie were born prematurely. Mason came into the world 6 weeks early at 5lbs 14 oz. In true Mason fashion he came out kicking and screaming, but within an hour of birth he had respiratory distress and wound up in the nicu. After two weeks of feeding issues we were able to take our peanut home. That scarred us severely as young first time parents. It took us a long time to even consider number two, but once we did we were excited to give mason a sibling. After a high alert pregnancy, filled with progesterone shots and bed rest, Elizabeth Ruth was born 4 weeks early at 6 lbs 8 oz. She was a little squirt but she was strong. "Ellie" managed to get by without any nicu time! Wahoo! She was in my room the entire stay at the hospital and she left with me when it was time to go home. Life had been pretty awesome with these two rascals that we really had to think long and hard about bringing another one into the mix. First off what would the pregnancy bring, and secondly, life is good and easy- do we want to start over again? I'm the oldest of 3 and tommy is the youngest of 6. Our siblings both mean the world to us. The thought of Mason and Ellie not experiencing another sibling made us sad. We wanted the dynamic that three would bring so we gave it shot. We got the pee on the stick "yay you are preg" positive at the end of august but we didn't get the official doctor read until September 30th which just so happens to be our 7th anniversary. We told the kids and our family after we got the green light on that day. We didn't really want to find out the sex but Mason was really anxious to find out if he was going to have a brother or sister so we decided to find out. Our ultrasound was on December 23rd, so we had the idea to have the tech write down the gender so that we could find out together on Christmas what the baby would be. I can admit this now but I was totally hoping and expecting it to be a girl. But to my surprise BOY was written on the card we pulled out on Christmas morning. After a bit of tears and a few weeks of adjustment to the thought of a boy I got excited for a little baby boy. I spent the rest of the time getting his room ready and filling his closet with the most adorable little outfits (thanks Tish :)
 I was on high risk because of the other two, so I took it as easy as I could with two other rascals running around, but there isn't much down time between school run around after school activities and life. I was taking the progesterone shots but right around 29 weeks I ended up in the hosital with regular contractions. After a dose of blood pressure meds to smooth contractions I was able to go home. I spent the remaining weeks on red alert as I started to dilate. At 36 weeks I was already at 5 cms so we figured any second he would be here. Surprisingly it wasn't until 39 weeks that I actually started having contractions. We made it into the hospital and after a few short hours and one push our baby GIRL came out. What a shock that was! They placed her into my arms and when I looked at that sweet face, I said her name is Addison. I was living on a cloud as I snuggled my new baby girl in that hospital and brought home a bundle of pink. I sit her today staring at the photos my dear friend Sarah took of our Addie girl about a month ago.  I can't help but think about how one little thing can change life in an instant and you are never the same..  My heart couldn't be fuller as I think about how God has given me everything I have ever dreamed of.  I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for this family of mine as we embark on our journey in 2015.