The one and only "Grandfather"

We lost a great man today- my Grandfather.  The one man who didn't receive a cutesy Grandpop name because "Grandfather" was just too fitting.  He was a strong, proud man who worked hard every day of his life.  He was up before the sun- he spent hours cutting the grass and taming the fields on his property, organizing his office, and labeling every device in his house.
He was the rock for my mother (and our family) while going through the divorce.  I wish I could frame the look on his face when that barn house was all ready for us to move into.  He may have looked stern and hard but inside he had a heart of gold.  He lived for those phone calls from his 11 grandchildren, which would last at the most 2 minutes, but afterwards he would talk on and on about, it as if we had been on the phone for hours.
Thankfully, Grandfather will never be far away.  He managed to sneak his hardworking, OCD genes into Mason.  That boy will spend hours working on his homework (he doesn't get that from me, right Katie?!), he likes his room perfectly organized and in order, and when he doesn't like something- you know it.
Memories I will always treasure- visits with you in the den; the BEST Oreo cookies from your cookie jar; your smile around your great grandchildren; your sweet birthday cards; the day that I brought Lilly home; Christmas in the living room; and all of your stories from your past.
I am so thankful that you are where you wanted to be 5 years ago when your Ruthie left.  Give Missy and Miss Jean big hugs & kisses.  I love you.. and Thank you.

one of my all time favorite photos of RE and his love Ruthie