Pleaseeee can I get it mom?!

We have all seen the scene before- A screaming child in Target with their death grip on the latest toy, while their mom pleads with them to let it go. How many times have I passed that and thought "gosh what a brat. I would never let My kid do that." Flash forward a couple years to me watching Mason as he is throwing a tantrum on the floor of Target because we are leaving without the candy bar...

At first when mason was little, around Ellie's age, I was able to let him carry the toy around until we got to the counter where I would be able to sneak it to the cashier and have her put it back while I distracted him.  We 
ran through this scene pretty smoothly for a couple of years until mason got onto our game. He just wanted those Thomas underwear so badly, he would not be able to live without the buzz lightyear doll, and god forbid we leave the store without that new curious George book.  

I think I got the idea for "the list" around his Christmas when he was 3. He began one of his requests at Target and I said why don't you add it to your Christmas list? He was so excited to make his list with EVERYTHING that he wanted that as soon as we got home, he " wrote" down all of his requests. It was a win win- he felt relieved to make his request concrete and we were relieved to leave the store with everyone happy.  

We follow this all year long- birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, groundhog day, fourth of July- now of course he doesn't get a gift every day of the year but the list making gets him distracted enough. 
By the end of the week he forgets about the list and most of the items on it. The ones he really remembers I know are the golden tickets so I make my own list for those special moments when a gift is deserved :)

I'm still in the clear with my Elle belle but I know the time will be here before I know it when passing off the toys to the cashier won't work, so the lists will begin for her too ;)
Ps watch out aunt Claire...Mason has your address and knows where I keep the stamps! A special request list may be making its way to your mailbox!