Just walk away.

My little zookeeper, Mason, had some elephants who were going down for a nap in their cage.  As you know, those elephants can escape easily so Mason needed to lock the door to their cage.  Since we do not have a zoo or an elephant cage in our home, my bedroom and bedroom door became their sleeping chamber.  I was not aware of the elephants until I tried to get into my room and found it to be locked from the outside.  We have one of those lovely stick keys that you have to poke through the tiny hole and turn the lock.  Just as easy as 1, 2, 3.... Except that you have to hit the exact spot without being able to see where you are jamming this thing into.  If only someone was there to video the madness- Mason bobbing around the hall with his headlamp and zoo keeper outfit on, Elizabeth running around the house buck naked with a pair of Mason's rainboots on, Lilly with her damn cone on (yes she has a cone again Kate, but thats a whole different story), and me trying every different angle with this stupid key.  So after what felt like 5 hours, I lost my cool. I was about ready to rip the door off of its hinges and down an entire bottle of wine. BUT it was noon on a Tuesday and I had a very tired two year old that needed to get to bed, so I decided to walk. away. from. the. door.
After putting E down for a nap and cleaning up the dishes from lunch, I decided to give it another whirl.  Within 30 seconds the door popped open.  Just in time too, as the baby elephants were starting with their little "wake up noises." Sometimes all we need is a little time away to totally restart our engines :)