Happy Birthday!

Tommy and I attended the 100th Birthday Ball of the US Navy Dental Corps.  It was held on Friday night on the USS Midway in downtown San Diego.  I felt so honored to be there for this beautiful event which honored all of the men and women who have cared for our soldiers for the past 100 years.  Inspiring speeches were made by two retired Naval Officers who each had over 25 years of service to our country .  When they spoke about how lucky we are to live in the United States of America, I felt chills. I know that I take most of my comfortable days for granted.  Our table has food on it every night and we eat until we are full, then we go to sleep in our cozy beds, confident we will see the morning.  Sadly this is not the case in most of the world.  Being in the presence of our military makes me proud to be a part of this country, and very proud of my favorite man for dedicating his time to become someone our military can rely on :)