Im backkk

It has been awhile since my last blog and I have really missed it.  The longer I stayed away, the harder it was to go back.  What subjects would I write about?  Can I just start writing after months of nothing?  I finally said to myself just do it.  Go back.  Write.  You have a ton of stuff to vent and talk about.  So after that silly conversation with myself, here I am!
I'll start with lent.  On the service before lent began, our pastor was encouraging us all to find something that we could enrich ourselves with for lent.  He gave a few suggestions- give up indulgences, volunteer, spend more time with family, repair a lost relationship...
I have a very dear friend who I lost touch with over the past year.  The longer I went without speaking with her, the harder it was to pick up the phone to reconnect.  To be honest, I did not even know what to say.  I said a prayer that I would gain the confidence to call her and tell her how sad I was that our relationship had dissipated.  So..., you think I started that day or the next right?  No!  I still put it off for weeks, saying that I had 40 whole days to get this done.  Plus, anytime I would think "ill just call her now" Ellie would wake up from her nap, or Mason needed to be picked up from school.  Truth was, I was scared.  
Then one day I got the courage to pick up the phone and call.  I received her voicemail, which I will admit, made me gasp a sigh of relief.  After about a week, we set up a time to talk and I am so glad that we did.  After each giving our sides of the story of why we didnt call sooner, and why we were upset with each other for losing touch, we both realized that we misjudged one another.  She was hurt that I did not fill her in on stuff going on with the kids, where I didnt even want to bother her with (what I felt to be) boring details.  How could she even want to know about the 10th poop diaper I changed in a day and the way Mason's temper tantrums drive me up a wall?  But we are friends and friends care about every detail. She didnt call me with things that came up at work because she felt they were just boring details compared to raising children.  Some days when I am at home with a two and five year old, Im desperate to hear of some event that happened in the adult world.  Anyway, long story short, we both agreed to pick up the phone.  Not be afraid to call, text, email with any event.  Even if we just have two minutes to talk, just to let that your friend know you are thinking about them, it can turn their whole day around.  
I learned a few very important lessons through this..
It's never too late to go back
Don't let your assumptions control your actions
Don't underestimate your importance to someone (or anyone!)

Love you my little kickapoo!!!!