New year goal # 1

I read an article the other day about how Americans have changed their perspective of what they consider to be "wealthy."  It was written in a negative tone, but it actually had me thinking in a positive way.  I know that this economic hardship that we are facing is causing some serious issues, but in our day to day life I feel it has its pluses.  We stay in more often and make dinners together in our homes as families.  The cost of a night out at the movies as a family of four can cost over $75, who can afford that every weekend? We find other activities to spend our time doing- take walks at night, play board games, watch a show together...  Is this all such a bad thing?
A recently published novel entitled "The Winter of our Disconnect" is a story of a mother and 3 teenagers who pulled the plugs from their highly electronic lifestyle for 6 months- no computer, phone, television, video games.  Nothing- for 6 whole months.  It was difficult for all of them, but in the end it brought them closer together and let them see that there are other activities that we can do besides facebook, IMing, emails, shop, watch tv, play video games.. They read books, played games, REALLY talked and learned about their greatest fears and goals.  To be honest, I do not think that I could last 1 day without my phone, let alone 6 months.  I do not sleep with a clock next to my bed because my iphone is plugged in with the time neatly displayed.  As soon as Mason comes in to wake me in the morning, he shows me it is 7 am by handing me my phone, which I proceed to check my email, texts, facebook.. all before I have even gotten out of bed to pee.  Its actually really sickening.
I grew up being extremely close to my family. We had tuesday night "Full House" nights, we would play outside, would be so excited for a snow day because that meant that the three of us could just be together all day.  Even when the computer, and instant message became popular, we all shared a computer and had a time limit on how long we could be online.  We really knew each other.
I want my kids to have the same experience but it has to start with me.  Where is my phone time limit?  Email limit?  Facebook?
Goal of 2012- Find a balance and a way to apply a "disconnect" from this electronic focus that works within my work and family lifestyle.  Suggestions welcomed :)