A little christmas magic

Last night we went out to purchase our Christmas tree.  We meet Tommy on his way home from work at the Home Depot near our house.  We look around at all of the tied up trees, pick one that seems to have good shape, strap it to the roof of our car, and head home.
By the time we get home and get the massive thing unloaded into the house, everyone is starving.  Elizabeth is hanging on my leg whining, Mason is throwing a temper tantrum on the floor,  Tommy is obsessing over the extra branches that need to be clipped, and I'm attempting to put together a meal for us.  The house looks like a bomb went off.  Tupperware containers, filled w holiday decor, are consuming the kitchen and living room.  My vision of a lovely evening listening to christmas tunes, hanging ornaments on the tree, and putting out our favorite decorations is not panning out the way I had envisioned.  Getting everyone fed is a must at this point so we throw food on the table.  After we eat, I could care less about decorating the tree.  I just want to focus on cleaning up this mess, which has just been added to w pans and dishes.  I turn on the "All I want for Christmas is You"Pandora station to help get me in the mood.  A few songs go by and Im still not feeling it.  Now Im just tired- tired of listening to the kids cry, tired of cleaning the dishes for the 1000 time that day, tired of tripping over their toys, tired of my life being consumed by kid land..  Then Elizabeth falls off of her car and is laying on the carpet crying.  I can not get to her because of the barricade of boxes in the kitchen, Tommy is trimming the branches on the tree, but sweet Mason, without being asked, goes over to her, leans down, gently takes her hand, and helps her up.  The little smile on her face, and the sweet, caring voice of Mason just melted my heart.   The sound of the First Noel, which starts playing in the midst of all of this, makes the perfect backdrop to the moment.  This is what Christmas is all about... family, love, kindness, and being supportive.  I shook off my bad mood and we decorated our tree.  Mason was so proud to place that star on top.

After I finished putting Elizabeth to bed I come out to see Mason standing there, staring up at the tree.  "Do you like it Mas?"  "Yes mommy, its just so beautiful.  I love looking at it."
And I love looking at you my dear.  Wish I could freeze the moment forever.