Just another manic monday

So here is a little insight into how my Monday morning began...
Elizabeth decided to start on and off crying around 4:45 am, which I try to ignore, hoping she will go back to sleep, until she starts calling "mom, mommy, mama, mommmm..."  I go in to get her so that Mason does not wake up and then I have 2 of them to deal with on this early, dark morning.  I find random activities (play with the remote, phone, put chapstick on) for her to do quietly in my room. Mason comes in at 7 and we all head out to begin the normal wake up routine.  They each get a cup of milk, which Ellie decides that she would like to pour in her hand and "wash her hair" with, instead of drink.  Mason has an artistic inspiration and decides he wants to draw all of us with his cousins on Thanksgiving so we need a HUGE piece of paper, markers, and his drawing table stat.  Trying to keep Ellie away from the masterpiece, I put her in the highchair with cheerios, strawberries, and milk.  She decides she is not hungry and dumps it all over the place.  After cleaning her and the mess up I start to unload the dishwasher.  As Im putting the plates away I look down to see Elizabeth grabbing for the sharp knives.  I pull her away, tell her DANGER, and say no.  She stands on the stool watching me unload the rest of the stuff, with a snotty glare on her face (how dare I tell her no).  Mason, the artist, has finished his design and now needs breakfast so I pour him a bowl of cereal.  In a matter of seconds, I turn around to E about to wipe her face with the clorox wipe that I had just used to wipe down the counter. Enough with the kitchen!  We need her out of here!  So I take her to her room, change and dress her.  We head back out to get Mason dressed and play with some toys before we have to take Mason to school.  Ellie is occupied for a minute so I grab the recycling to take out to the garage, but she calls me for help.  As I lean over to help her, the very last of the beer drips out of the bottle I am taking out to the garage and lands on her head.  I try wiping it off but she still smells like stale beer.  She has a doctors appoinment at a new office today.  I decide that as much as I want to be lazy and not bathe her, I probably shouldn't take my daughter smelling like alcohol to meet the new pediatrician.  I put soap on a washcloth and rub it in her hair.  Well I used too much. The soap is everywhere and I have to undress her so I can thoroughly rinse it out.  Now its time to get Mason dressed.  We go into his room and as I lean down to help him, I notice this huge orange spot on his light blue comforter.  "What is this?"  I ask Mason.  He says "I dont know, I think Ellie did it."  I smell it, its marker.  I say "Ellie did you color this?"  Head nods yes.  I strip it, rinse it, only to have the orange bleed all over the white star that is also on the duvet.  Breathe Kirby, breathe, you can deal with this later.  I tell Mas to get in the car, grab E to find that she has pooped!  Are you serious?!!!  I change her, strap her in the car, and come back inside to find my phone.  As I just about loose my patience and flip my lid, I close my eyes and say a prayer. "I need help getting through this day.  Please help me.  I can't do it alone."  I open my eyes to see my phone laying there and a total calmness run through my body.  The rest of the day was as smooth as pie.
It always pays to ask for help!
PS the stain came out :)
And below is sweet Mason's drawing.  Even though his sister was anything but sweet this morning, he was calm and cool.  Such an amazing boy with a kind heart.