Mondays can just be rough.  Don't know if its because it is the first Monday in October or what but this one has been particularly challenging.  Wake up with a massive headache and sore throat.  Roll over, check my phone to find 10 new emails which need responses ASAP (one problem with living on the West Coast and your co-workers are on the East Coast).  The kids are particularly cranky, but I manage to get them fed, dressed, pack Mas's lunch, and out the door to school.  We surprisingly arrive on time.

Have a call with our publishers.  We need to increase our Amazon sales and our reviews.  They have taken a major decline since July.  Sometimes I just want to give up, but I tell myself that we must keep on moving.  Lets get those sales up!  My marketing and sales side is racking my brain for new advertising ideas.  Our brand new website is just about finished with a whole Carrie Flower community.   You can visit a school where you will find out about our programs and sign up to bring one to your school; There is a hospital where you can sign up to give a gift to someone special or become a penpal; In the theatre you can view our Carrie Flower video clip and see pictures of past events; And enter Carrie's home, where you can create your own flower profile, play games, and find out more about Carrie Flower.  Im really excited for it to be launched!  New Carrie Flower products are arriving shortly, just in time for holiday shopping.  Anyone who is reading this please help support Carrie Flower.  If you have not done so already- buy a book on Amazon, write a review of your favorite story, give the gift of friendship the holiday season.

There are a couple of stores out here who I am meeting with this week.  Carrie would fit in perfectly with their merchandise, lets hope they think so too!!
Another exciting avenue is that Carrie will be sold on, a wonderful website filled with talented designer and artists unique, handmade items.  We are very excited to be a part of this amazing community.
I just need to stay positive and move forward with new ways to get Carrie Flower out there in the world..
Maybe Mondays=MOTIVATION!
Keep you posted on all the success :)