The love of reading

I've always loved to read.  Growing up I pretty much always had some sort of mystery novel attached to my face.  I guess I passed that trait onto my kids as their favorite toy is their collections of books.  Ellie will sit for hours just going from one book to the next flipping through the pages.  We have read the same couple of books over and over to Mason that he has them memorized and we will hear him "reading" through the pages in the morning when he gets up.  Yesterday when I picked Mas up from school we purchased 3 new books from his school book fair and as soon as we got home we snuggled up on the coach to read them all.
When the kids got up this morning they grabbed their books and brought them over to show them to daddy.  They all sat in there for a good while just reading through the Curious George series, little Penguin, and I love you through and through.  I just sat there listening and watching my little lovies all together proud to have passed the love of reading on to them.

Have a great Saturday!!
xox, k