CARE training for Teachers & Parents

We are excited to introduce our new training program:

Carrie's Action Resource Empowerment (CARE) Plan. Carrie Flower starts conversation about life’s struggles and difficulties. We embrace the tougher talks about differences, diversity and challenging situations to help individuals resolve problems before they arise into full blown crisis. The CARE training will be tailored specifically for teachers, community leaders and/or parents. Our goal is to empower the participants with education and tools that will enhance their own life and the lives of the people they serve. 

The on-site programs offer participants the opportunity to learn, role-play and find different methods to reach solutions such as:

  • Identify stresses and problems in the home/workplace

  • Coping with the effects of everyday life.

  • Emphasizing your strengths and embracing your weaknesses.

  • Role-play to reinforce learning.