Are We Doing Enough?

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Like all of you, I’ve spent the last few weeks saddened and shocked at what happened in Florida.  I was shocked to hear many in the media describe the shooter as a animal. That animal was once kindergarten little boy probably struggling emotionally.  That kindergartener wasn’t born wanting to hurt so many.  Let’s stop and think for a moment; how can we help prevent this from happening?

Let’s stop blaming and start creating an environment where we do get involved to help our friends, neighbors and the community at large to make a difference in a positive way. I bet if I were to talk to teachers in elementary schools they would say they know the children who are struggling emotionally.  If we want a safer community to live in, we need to be willing to get involved. As the African proverb states, It takes a village to raise a child.

I see our role as encouraging children to reach out to include others.

I see our role as inviting all classmates to birthday parties.

I see our role as teachers/parents encouraging classmates to interact with everyone  to learn about differences.

I see our role as empowering children to help.

I believe that we have the power, at early ages (Pre-K through 2nd grade) to do more. That isn’t to say that we can prevent every tragedy. But I ask, are we doing everything we can?

What if more of us understood the simple truth: there is nothing that makes us feel better than helping others.  Maybe we could serve each others’ needs in a way that makes us all stronger, brighter, and more empowered.

Here’s what Carrie Flower is doing…

Our Carrie Flower Social & Emotional curriculum, for early learning is built on a simple idea: when a student struggles with math,  we teach them math. When a student struggles socially, society punishes them. Carrie Flower provides the tools for teachers to teach those essential social and emotional skills. 

Take for instance our Garden Wall. It’s one of the classroom strategies with little tools that has a huge impact. Everyday, Carrie Flower classrooms help teachers and students easily identify all of the good, healthy choices and actions that each student makes. What gets noticed grows. Before you know it more and more students are proactively looking for opportunities to help, serve, and get involved.
If you need a social & emotional curriculum for early learners and would like to learn more about Carrie Flower Social & Emotional Garden Kits for your schools classrooms or if you want to find out if you really are doing everything  so you can to set your students up for success, comment below. I’m happy to chat with you and help.