Airports Safety Lessons for Schools

 Schools can make a safer environment for teachers and students by looking at security measures that our airlines have taken.  That way teachers can get back to teaching and students can learn & grow to be a part of the solution to the problem.  

Learn from airports.jpg

The airlines taught us to put on our own oxygen before assisting others, which is a great example for how to take care of yourself before caring for others. The environment within the airport has changed and awakened the travelers to to pay attention to their surroundings.   In years past, when the "stewardess" manned the plane, people seemed to keep to themselves.  

The messages are broadcasted throughout the terminals. See something, say something;  Notices about left luggage/packages, suspicious looking person/people, or unusual activity, REPORT IT.  Security lines form daily with everyone who enters the airport.  Travelers, pilots, flight attendants, food and employees entering the airport all get screened. This effort has drastically made a difference and safer to travel.  They empowered the people in the airport to be a part of the solution. How brilliant!

Now let's empower the entire school body to be a part of the solution.  Safety first! Everyone who enters the school building goes through security. This will allow teachers to teach, not be on the swat team. The intercom systems should be used through out the day to remind everyone: see something, say something. Additionally, the intercom system should announce mindful messages intermittently throughout the day to promote a healthy living environment..

Creating a mindful culture, with messages such as:

  • There is no time like the present, to be present
  • Unplug from your devices.
  • Stop what you are doing.  Look, listen and hear this moment.
  • Someone needs help, help them.
  • When someone talks, listen.
  • How to have a friend/how to be a friend,  Be that friend.

Let's create an environment in schools that we want to reflect in our  communities, country, and world.

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