What Are People Saying About the New Carrie Flower Curriculum?

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We have been talking about the importance of social and emotional development in children, however, many of our early education policies focus on various cognitive functions such as language, math, and literacy.  A child must be emotionally and socially stable for true cognitive development to occur. We need to emphasize the importance of social and emotional development at an early age.

Although scientific research supports the concept of social-emotional development as an indicator of school readiness and positive educational achievement, it is typically not emphasized in our schools. Much of the current research on the importance of social-emotional learning, points to the pre-school years and early elementary grades as the sensitive period for social development.  Not only are young brains still developing rapidly during these years (Sigelman & Rider, 2006), typically children are having their first social interactions outside of the home. 

The Carrie Flower Curriculum was designed to be flexible and to provide instructors with an easy way to incorporate social/emotional skills into their daily routines.  The flexibility of the curriculum allows teachers to introduce a new book in the series when they determine students are ready to move forward.

So, What Are People Saying?!

It has been such a privilege to be introduced to the Carrie Flower Series. At Luzerne County Head Start we have the Carrie Flower Doll and book series in each classroom impacting over 1,000 children. The children relate to the doll and the messages in the books about taking care of themselves, making friends and helping others. This book series helps us to continue our mission of helping all children to develop and grow in a healthy and happy environment.

~ Lynn Evans Biga, Executive Director, Luzerne County Head Start

The Pittston Area School District’s administration and staff believe that the most important investment we can make as a school is in the social emotional development of our students. The Carrie Flower Program is part of our district’s comprehensive social emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum. This is a proven Social, Emotional Curriculum as it leads to better outcomes academically and in life. The lessons are taught though literacy, song, and movement. The program promotes healthy lifestyles, helps children to understand their feelings/emotions, develops positive self-esteem, and teaches acceptance of one another.

~Dr. Janet Donovan, Director of Curriculum (K-12)

The Carrie Flower Program’s healthy habits connect to our district wellness initiative. Carrie Flower appreciates those who are different or are facing illness which connects to our efforts on building character traits such as respect, responsibility, compassion and empathy.

~ Scott Davis, Palisades School District, Quakertown, PA

Carrie Flower taught me how to be responsible for myself, how to make healthy choices, to exercise and participate in sporting activities. I learned how to be a better friend and to be kind to everyone.

~ Julia Costello, Student, Upper Black Eddy, PA

I absolutely love the manual. The ease and simplicity of the lessons, as far as being able to easily follow, and the minimal preparation required, is so inviting for an already overwhelming school curriculum.  Honestly, I would recommend this to all classrooms in early childhood and elementary. It teaches such valuable lessons and skills needed for emotional and social development... thank you.

~Tiffany Ferentino, Teacher Primary Center, Pittston School District

Author, Cynthia Post, and her Carrie Flower team have successfully developed an interactive program that promotes healthy lifestyles within our youth, by taking everyday scenarios and turning them into talking points, motivation, and learning objectives. I can say, with the utmost certainty, that the students within my organization have greatly benefited from Carrie Flower’s engaging activities, vibrant readings, and relatable characters.

~ Scott Verdine, President, ABC Kiddie Kampus

The Carrie Flower event made me feel special and let me know that people actually missed and cared about me.

~ Mackenzie Marx, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Myeloid Leukemia Survivor

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Until next time ... Dr. G.