How Important Are Student's Individual Differences?

How Important are Student’s Individual Differences?

This week, I was planning to share another activity from the Carrie Flower Curriculum.  The activity, I was planning to share, was generated based on the “Carrie Flower Goes to Camp Book.”  When Carrie Flower goes to camp, she meets many new flowers who are much different than she.  Carrie becomes judgmental, as the flowers look very different than she looks and some really smell bizarre.   

Many children today, attend a variety of camps throughout the summer, since both parents must work to make ends meet and provide for their families.  I have four grandchildren, who are attending summer programs, until schools open in late August.  So, my point is, many of our children find themselves in the same predicament as Carrie Flower.  I’m sure all parents are asking, “How will he or she get along with all of the new children they will be meeting?”  “Will they make new friends?”  “Will this be a valuable experience or a disappointment?”  All of these questions are normal reactions, since we all want what is best for our children.

So, I decided to try a small experiment to demonstrate that all of us are very different, we learn differently, and we don’t learn at the same rate, and some of us may need additional help.  This experiment uses a visual perceptional exercise to help demonstrate my point. (I WILL SHARE THE ACTIViTY NEXT TIME.)


(1)  Set a timer before you begin the experiment

(2) Start the timer and look at the picture below.

(3) If you can identify the object in the picture, indicate what object you see.

     If you cannot see the object in the picture, indicate “I cannot find the object”

(4) indicate the time it took you to identify the object 

(5) Click the "Submit" button

The results will be posted at a later date.  Until next time!  Dr. G.


Perception Experiment.jpg