Empowering Children Through Social/Emotional Development


It is Essential for Children’s Educational Success…

As I speak with educators and read various articles about our American school system, many educationalists tend to think our primary focus is on improving student proficiency in math. reading, and writing.  This obviously has been a result of the emphasis placed on educators by standardized testing.  Yes, we tend to test that which is easily measured.  However, educators also express a lack of emphasis on many other important content areas including history, science, the arts, etc.

However, I find it interesting when I speak to educators about the characteristics of a successful student. The answers are quite different, and seem to never include having high math, reading and writing scores on standardized tests.  The answers generally reflect an eagerness to learn, being respectful, having solid social and emotional skills, being self-motivated, being responsible, showing empathy, excepting differences, etc.

The Missing Link!

Yes, I agree it is important for children to have a strong social/emotional foundation. It is what helps an individual communicate, connect with others, gain confidence and reach goals. Building a strong social/emotional foundation is clearly essential for educational success.

Another widely discussed concern is a child’s ability to “Manage Their Emotions and Behaviors.”  Young children may have a difficult time identifying how they feel and how to appropriately express their feelings. Young children may act out or have a hard time deescalating following various encounters. This behavior can be very frustrating for early childhood educators, but these situations are all learning opportunities for young children regarding how to identify and express their emotions.

Give Kids a Chance to Thrive!

That's just what Carrie Flower aims to do!  Aligned to the Pre-K through 2nd grade social and emotional standards, the Carrie Flower Curriculum uses literacy as a tool (using stories, pictures, discussions, activities and strategies) to enhance social/emotional development.  Carrie Flower helps children and families build self-control, healthy lifestyles, emotional understanding, high self-esteem, resilience, and interpersonal problem-solving skills.  These are critical in helping children achieve positive social and emotional development. 

The Carrie Flower Curriculum was designed to be flexible and to provide instructors with an easy way to incorporate social/emotional skills into their daily routines. The flexibility of the curriculum allows teachers to introduce a new book in the series when they determine students are ready to move forward.  It is loaded with classroom strategies and activities, which integrate the Carrie Flower Doll, hand puppets and many other instructional resources.

Check it Out!  You Won’t Be Disappointed…

                                                                  Dr. Michael F. Garzella

                                                                   Retired Superintendent of Schools