Ask Us Why...

This past week, I had the opportunity to watch a TED Talks video entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” by Simon Sinek.  His presentation focused on why some businesses or individuals are successful, while others are not. He provided examples such as Apple, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Wright Brothers.  His theory is that all these companies/individuals, have something in common, and that commonality is how they “Communicate much differently than others.” Rather than expressing what they do and how they do it, they speak to “Why they do things and what they believe.”

After viewing the video, I spoke with Cynthia and said, “We do this.” I then thought about a poster we always use when presenting or when displaying our products at various conferences.  The poster states, “Ask Us Why…”

Ask us why.jpg

This blog has nothing to do with success, nor does it imply that the Carrie Flower Company will become successful. Rather, it is a testament to our belief that developing social and emotional skills in young children, including teaching them to value everyone’s individual differences will create positive change and enhance their opportunities for success. It is the reason why we developed the Carrie Flower Curriculum.

We are passionate about our goal to help children develop both socially and emotionally. We believe the skills covered in the Carrie Flower Curriculum will have positive effects on all children.  (Blad, Evie, 2017), writes that programs that teach students how to recognize their emotions, solve problems, and form healthy relationships may continue to show positive benefits months, or even years, after they complete them.

A new meta-analysis finds, students who completed social-emotional learning interventions fared better than their peers who didn't participate on a variety of indicators—including academic performance, social skills, and avoiding negative behaviors like drug use. 

So, please “Ask Us Why…” We will be happy to share our beliefs and discuss the importance of implementing a curriculum developed by individuals who want to create positive change.

Until Next Time … Dr. G.